Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive in 2018

A media report, states that women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive for the first time and this historic event will happen in June 2018.

In the west, women see driving as a right, not a privilege and in our democracy women tends to have the same rights as men. For example, we do not require a male guardian to undertake any legal actions.

In my opinion, the move to allow women to drive, which is by Royal decree will be welcome in the West. It will be, seen as Saudi Arabia dragging itself into the 21st century. There are other aspects of their ways that need improvement but one step at a time.

I am sure Saudi Arabia, without compromising its religious principles can ensure that its female population are, treated fairly.

So I congratulate the Royal family for this first step in allowing females to drive legally and without the fear of being arrested, lash or going to prison. It is going to make a big difference to the country.