Northumbria Police sacked officer for offensive racist language

police officer

A Northumbria female police officer was, dismissed after a disciplinary hearing found that she used racist language.

An article in the local news states that on a night out the police officer made racist, derogatory comments in a Newcastle takeaway while she was drunkenly awaiting a pizza.

She made the offensive remarks about the staff in the takeaway shop to her colleagues. Although the staff did not hear her racist rant her colleagues, on the other hand, deemed her behaviour outrageous and reported her to Superior officers, an investigation was, triggered by her conduct.

According to the Head of Northumbria police’s professional standards, her remarks were unacceptable and had no place within the police service.

In my opinion, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a police officer making racist remarks. However, it is good for the community when the authority deals effectively with officers who bring the service into disrepute. Police officers must serve the city at the highest standards, and their professionalism must be beyond reproach.

I hope other police officers who may have the propensity to make a racist remark, think twice. Their reputation and jobs are on the line if found guilty of inappropriate racist comments. They should keep their private thoughts to themselves. But racist mouth will always be their downfall.