Nuclear War ‘a tantrum away’ warns Nobel Peace Prize winner

Anyone who is currently reading the media reporting between the US President and North Korea would agree with the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

According to a media report, a comment from the Nobel Peace Prize winner suggested the world faces a nuclear crisis, worse now than during the ‘cold war’. During the cold war tension, we had presidents that were intellectually savvy, but not the presidents in today’s climate.

The open hostility between Trump and North Korea is unacceptable, and it is reaching critical condition. There was a time when I would have supported Donald Trump in the stance he takes toward North Korea. However, the irresponsible announcement he made regarding Jerusalem, causing extreme tension, demonstration and fighting in the region. It made me realise that he his no better than the North Korean president.

These two idiots believe the world is their playground and they have the right to play with the lives of millions of people. There is no doubt that the world is teetering on the brink of a nuclear disaster, because of two child-like dictators, who has no integrity or recognise the sanctity of human lives. It is not if there is going to be a nuclear war, it is just a matter of when.