British Defence Secretary ‘dark ages’ comments

‘Thou shalt not kill’, the majority of Christians who believe in the bible and in practising their faith stands firmly about that biblical instructions. Something the British defence secretary seems to be unaware of or is totally┬áignoring.

According to a media report, Britain new defence secretary thinks we should hunt down and murder British Islamist fighter. He is somehow under the impression that is what the British people want the government to do.

In my opinion, the defence secretary has no idea what the British electorate want. What we require is for the terrorist to be, found, identified, arrested, tried and if found guilty, imprisoned. To suggest that we, a civilised society should go down to the levels that terrorist take is saying that we are no better than the terrorist, we are going to kill people indiscriminately.

The defence secretary moral, legal and humanitarian compass is entirely out of whack. I hope that other nations do not believe that all of the British people agree or buys into his idiotic ideology.

The British defence secretary remarks are juvenile, irresponsible and archaic. We should never support anyone, especially a senior government minister that behaves so disgracefully.