Two police officers jailed for stealing heroin and selling it

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As a human being, we are full of flaws, and there is no such thing as a perfect person. However, if you choose to enter a particular profession such as the police service, it calls for dignity and integrity above and beyond.

Police officers, in my opinion, are supposed to be trustworthy, honest and take their duties to protect and serve seriously, so when police officers decide to become criminals, they bring disgrace upon the service.

A media report, states that two corrupt police officers from Birmingham were, jailed for more than 31 years for stealing heroin and selling it on the streets and giving information to criminals.

Both constables, ages 47 and 35-years old were, arrested for some significant crimes which when back to as far as 2011. One pleads guilty to drug offences, conspiracy to steal; he was, given 16 years in prison, the other jailed for 15 years.

Disgraceful, the individuals turned out to be no better than the criminal element they were supposed to protect the community from, but they allowed their gree to outweigh their dignity and in doing so brought shame on their families and colleagues.

When police officers use the resources they are given to fight crime, to help the criminals to stay one step ahead of the justice system they should be, incarcerated for life, they have broken the oath to uphold the law.