Coalition Conservative government in crisis

The coalition formed by the Conservatives to enable a weak ad hoc party to form a government is in severe crisis.

No one looking from the outside into the British political position would have any doubts that this is a limp haphazard and ineffective government. The only thing, in my opinion, that is preventing a total collapse is the country is in football mania, England reached the semi-final of the world cup, and the national mood is electrifying.

We have a Prime Minister that on Sunday lost the Brexit Secretary and Monday the Foreign Secretary stepped down from his position. Everyone in the European Union must be laughing their heads off, and they can now I believe demand what every they think is necessary from the UK before we leave the EU and unfortunately our PM is in no position to negotiate effectively.

Irrespective of what senior Tory MP’s are telling her, she seems to be hell-bent on taking the UK out of the EU and dam the consequences to the UK and its citizens.

There is now no alternative for the Tory party but to replace their leader. The President of the European Council said in a news article, ‘politicians come and go, but the problems they created for people remains’. I would have gone further and stated, that politicians idiotic and narrow-minded policies when implement stupidly affect generation for not days but years.

Mrs Thatcher has passed, and still today people remember policies she put in place that affected the lives of so many thousands of people. Politicians never learn, and I believe it is because they are not in it for the benefit of the people and the country.

In my opinion, most politicians are self-righteous idiots who could not organise a party for drunks in a brewery and those that are genuine rarely ever get the chance to demonstrate the way in which a country should be governed to benefit its people.

Until the electorate recognise that they are the power behind all these lacklustre politicians and without us, they are nothing, we will forever be governed by these ineffective and useless people who pretend that they care for country and people. They treat us like children and then when an election is looming they try to bend over backwards to appease the electorate because they know that once elected we allowed them to steal, and manipulate five years of our lives before they have to come begging for our votes.