Paedophile says he his too pretty to go to prison

My Opinion
sexual assault

A 25-year-old paedophile who groomed a 15-year old via Facebook was, jailed for four years.

According to a media report, the court heard how he picked up the 15-year old drove her to a secluded location and sexually assaulted her.

The article further stated the man who was 22-year old when the incident occurred, begged the victim not to tell the police what happened because he was too pretty to go to prison. He took advantage of a vulnerable child and exploited her to satisfy his offensive behaviour.

Social media is in my opinion, an essential part of modern society. We can use the service to achieve positive things, make friends, find long lost families. However, there are sadistic people in our environment that will use the service to prey on vulnerable individuals to satisfy their warp ideologies.

We must warn our young people of the dangers befriending some people on social media and teach them how to recognise the signs that they are being, groomed.