15 year old killed self after being bullied for over a year


A 15-year old boy took his life following months of bullying by jealous classmates.

It has been, alleged that for months he was taunted, called a paedophile and other heinous and malicious names. He was also led to believe that the bullies were going to rape his mother.

A bright and talented young man whose wish was to become a doctor. His life was cut short because of the scourge of modern society.

It is unacceptable that over 4,400 lives are, lost each year, a direct result of bullying, and there are 3.2 million students are, bullied.

Bullying comes in the form of verbal, emotional or physical. The individuals that are being, bullied are made to feel worthless and therefore believe taking their life is their only option.

Personally, I do not believe that taking one’s life should ever become an option. But, I understand why those that are on the receiving end of bullies see things; differently, I was never a person that anyone could bully.

Society has a huge obligation to stamp out bullying out of schools, workplace and anywhere that these people rare their ugly heads. Parents need to be vigilant and look for signs their children or been, bullied, or they are doing the bullying. There are no excuses for bullying anyone so much so that they take their life.