Paedophile serial killer to be executed in Texas

My Opinion

I will begin by saying that from both a personal and biblical point of view I do not believe in or support the ‘death penalty’. It is an archaic, outdated system of justice that has no standing in a 21st Century society.

A so-called paedophile killer who apparently raped and murdered four girls is set to die by lethal injection, and I am sure the state believes they are doing the right thing and this man is a monster of the worse kind, but does killing bring back those four murderer victims, of course not.

We can use the legal system all we like to justify murdering another human being, even if that individual is despicable, commits heinous crimes against others. We fail as a society when we believe that taking the life of someone is the only recourse we have to mete out justice.

Every time a state put to death an inmate a piece of humanity dies, and God forbid that person is innocent of the crime they were charged and subsequently convicted. Once you murder that person, there is no ‘do over’, if later the individual is found to be innocent.

I am sure the 20 people who were wrongfully convicted, put on death road only to be later exonerated by DNA, demonstrating the flaws in the death penalty.