Political Party Not Being Honest with Electorate

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There is a news article which suggests that there are nine pieces of news that the Conservative party does not which the electorate to be Government conceptaware of because it put them in a bad light.  So what is new.

A political party cannot succeed if they are honest with the public, they are, in my opinion, ninety percent economical, with the truth.  There is a perception that the voters cannot handle the truth so it is best to colour whatever information deliver to them.

Why would a political party or the government for that matter, tell the public that they are going to cut housing for the most vulnerable, such as people who suffer domestic violence, disabled, senior citizen and the other groups in our society that rely on government assisted housing.

A government in western society have to give the voters the illusions that their lives are going to better off under their political regime, but if one look at the track record of these political parties, one can clearly see that it does not happen.

In my experience, I would rather live under a Labour Government any day rather than a Conservative one, as I have always found that the Conservatives are always for themselves and their capitalist friends.

When anyone, and that includes government, has a system, that is predicated on the amount of money they can get out of the community, and how little they can provide without putting in the resources to do so that is a not a government for the people, that is a government for my friends.

Traditionally, the community suffers much more under a Conservative government rather than a Labour one, but when people got disillusioned with the Labour party they voted conservative and the next five years is going to be a nightmare for the majority of people in the country, meaning the poor.

The abolishment of Grammer school was for a reason, yet the conservative wish to bring them back.  As one individual put it, grammar schools are an example of everything that is wrong with British education and shows the conservative contempt for people who do not belong to the educational elite.

The message here is, do not believe everything that the government says, they are after all trying to keep themselves firmly anchored at the seat of power and they will do so at every cost and deceiving the electorate is not above them.