Paranormal occurrences – Police Baffle

My Opinion

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The media reported that police officers were called to a house in South Lanarkshire after a series of paranormal events cause the residents toHaunted House panic.

Apparently, the officer’s witness occurrences they could not explain such as clothes flying around the room, household items turned upside down, and doors were opening and closing by themselves.

Paranormal activities have plagued specific places throughout history, but humans have a tendency to if they cannot see it, touch it then it does not exist.  In my opinion, if those police officers were not witness to all that paranormal events then, most people would not believe the family.

I do not think that any knows why these ghosts called poltergeist exist, but I believe they are spirits that are so angry that they have passed over into the spirit world, refused from moving on, they remain into the physical world.  They seek out the place where they can undertake their hauntings and make the families of those home a living nightmare. 

Many people do not believe in spirits or ghosts, but there have been documented evidence to suggest they do exist, just like angels they are a part of the world, and we share our space with them. 

The majority of people will go through their lives and never have an encounter with ghosts are see anything paranormal, but there is a percentage of the population that will witness incredible things, the Virgin Mary, Stigmata, hauntings and other occurrences that have no logical explanation.   

However, one should bear in mind that the church especially the Catholic church has been undertaking exorcism for thousands of years and although one has to meet certain criteria before one is performed, the fact that, it is available gives a sense of credibility to this phenomenon.