Sweet Taste of Freedom Manbij – Syria

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Freedom is such a sweet thing, and from the media report, the residents of Manbij in Syria have demonstrated that with the celebrations on Syriathe street following their victory over the rules and constraint of the Islamic State terrorist.

They cut their beards, women were seen smoking in the streets which are taboo, children run freely played football, and I cannot begin even to comprehend their elation that they must be experiencing.

In western society freedom is taken for granted, there is the ability to demonstrate peaceful unless we break the law; people are allowed to congregate and show our disapproval of the government policies.

The fact that women were burning their niqab is a demonstration that not all Muslims are the same, and there are those who follow their faith without resorting to violence, and western society needs to help those individuals to establish peace in their country.

I imagine a country where there is no civil war and the Syrian people can live without fear and not having to flee to other countries as refugees, and that should say what we all strive to accomplish in Syria.  

Let us hope the jubilation last and more towns go the same way and real freedom achieved in Syria, and the people can once again claim their towns and cities from these vicious individuals.