Princess Diana is Dead – Let Her Spirit Rest

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I detest people who cannot keep their mouth shut, especially those that has employment in a privileged position, irrespective of whether Princess crownyour employer is alive or dead dignity and respect suggest that whatever you think you know about them should remain a secret.

As a Royal protection officer, it is important your integrity is always intact, and never called into question. Princess Diana may have passed away, but she still has children alive, and they hurt just like any other human being and it is atrocious to sully her memory.

The media report stating that a former Royal Protection officer alleges that she carries sex toys with her on foreign trips is appalling. His previous job demands that he has a level of discretion, and the Princess is not alive to defend herself against this allegation. 

I cannot even begin to understand how the children are feeling; this was their mother and of course, there are those who will say that they are privilege so what.  They are flesh and blood and despite what people say they do not have blue blood their’s is the same colour as any other human being, and they feel pain, hurt, frustration and anger. Being a Royal do not exempt them from human emotion.

In my opinion, this is a betrayal of the worst kind by someone who she would have trusted and if he believes that because it is almost nineteen years since she died so his remark does not matter, he his very wrong.   

I am annoyed and downright disgusted with the individual