Parental discipline compromise, children become criminals

Parental discipline was the cornerstone of my generation and the previous generation upon which we were, reared.

My generation did not support the abuse of children, but as a child, we knew our boundaries and also the penalty that would be meted out by our parents should we decide to push those boundaries. We followed parental rules because it was not only our parents that bought us up but an entire community of adults.

However, parental control over their children in countries such as the United Kingdom began eroding. When the government and, the so-called liberals decided that they knew what was best for a family. With their idiotic legislation on what parent can and cannot do they have now created a nation of monsters that are between the ages of 10 to 12.

According to a media report, over 300 children between age 10 to 12 have been, arrested for arson, rape, possession of a weapon and drug trafficking. A significant number of arrest was for weapons, among those children.

The report also shows that the following areas as the most number of children arrested for carrying a weapon, Bromley 124, Barking 90, Bexley 86, Sutton 69, Southwark 74, Tower Hamlet 63, Croydon 55, Greenwich 54, and Haringey 48, these are the worst affected area, although other parts of the country as seen children carrying weapons were, arrested.

The question now becomes what guidance are we as a society giving our children. When the police are arresting 10 to 12 year old for crimes which are so vile then it demonstrates that what left of parenting rights have failed, the government and their know it all policies failed, the liberals who believe they have a clue how to raise children fails. The biggest loser in this so-called modern society is our children.

We fail to protect the very people that we claim we are responsible for, with our modern day crap. Between 2015 to 2017 there have been 300 arrests among 10 to 12, how much more is it going to be by 2019. Because the rights of parents are so compromised children are allowed to run riot and, parents are incapable of stopping their children from becoming criminals and monsters at the tender age of 10 to 12, disgraceful.