Russia & US Agreement – Will Syrian Civil War Ends?

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According to a media report, Russia and the United States have arrived at an agreement that may see the end of hostilities in Syria. Apparently, the deal begins with a cease-fire beginning of, sunset Monday.

The report further states that Syrian forces will end combat missions in certain areas, and the US and Russia will jointly, establish a centre that will enable them to combat the forces of jihadists.

In my opinion, the rest of the world would only be too happy to see the end of the Syrian conflict, and see a country that will begin to take care of its citizens, instead of them fleeing the conflicts atrocities.

Aleppo, Syria
Aleppo, Syria, view of the city

But do we dear to hope that after five years of civil war, and according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, there have been 14,711 children deaths and 9,520 women, figures represents August 2016.  Is it possible that the Syrian authorities will honour the agreement and begin the process of rebuilding a country that has been devasted by civil war?

The majority of the ‘Middle East’ must welcome the collaboration of Russia and US given that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees alleges that there have been 4.8m million Syrian refugees, fled to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.  There is a suggestion that Iraq is finding it tough to meet the needs of the refugees.

With the Syrian Opposition agreeing to comply with the plan so long as the Syrian government is serious about their commitments.  If as stated the Russians informed the Syrian government about the arrangements and thy have indicated that they are ready to fulfil them, gives us hope that at last Syria can go back to living in peace.  

In my opinion, if the US and Russia seriously target those jihadists and so-called ISIS terrorists, then it will hopefully, allow both the Opposition and the Government to begin the process of uniting the country.  I wish.