Pilot Halts Asylum Seeker Deportation

According to a media reports, a commercial pilot refuses to fly his aeroplane to prevent the deportation of an asylum seeker.

A 22-year old Afghan asylum seeker was, booked on the flight after immigration officers refused his application, despite claims he could be beheaded by the Taliban if he returns to Afghanistan.

The Turkish Airline pilot refused to take off, saying life was at stake. It was not only the pilot that did not want this man return to Afghanistan, 3,000 people signed a petition, he also has campaigners from the Anti-Racism network fighting for him.

We would be naive to think that some people who claim asylum or not just economic asylum seekers, and if deported they would face no repercussions in their own country. However, there is a small percentage that would undoubtedly face either imprisonment or death if they are, returned to their own country.

As a civilised society, we must protect these people, if and when they land on our shores. The decision by immigration officers to send an individual or a family back to face death is disgraceful, inhumane, and put our humanity down to gutter levels and I resent those kinds of decisions.