Hurricane Harvey Causes Chaos In The US


Hurricane Harvey has left disaster in the USA, at least 31 people have died following flooding in Texas, six members of one family die when their van was swept off a Houston bridge.

According to media reports, Harvey has landed in Louisiana, where it has been reported that the worst of the storm has passed to Southern Louisiana.

For all our technological advancement, we are still no match for Mother Nature, she has demonstrated time after time that in her arsenal she has so many weapons that can be used against us, and quite frankly we have not got the message.

The price we pay each time we are hit with a hurricane is human lives, material things can be replaced, communities can be rebuilt, we cannot bring back those that pay with their lives and that is the disturbing aspects of hurricanes.

I have lived through a few hurricanes, they are frightening and some even terrifying the worse part is not knowing whether you are going to survive it.

My sympathy and condolences go out to the people of Texas, those who lost loved ones, those currently without homes and the services that are working hard to bring back stability to devasted communities.