Pokémon go – Is it dangerous to players

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The global reality Pokémon, Go game is recognised to be a phenomenon played by millions of players around the world, but how dangerous mobile phonesit is to the individuals that are hooked on the game.

According to the news report in the UK, a number of teenagers were robbed at gunpoint and had their mobile devices taken. Thankfully, escaped unharmed.

In my opinion, how long is it going to be before someone refuse to hand over their phone and get hurt in the process?

The success of the game is allowing potential robbers to target the young people going into areas such as the park to retrieve Pokémon, The fact that they know that teenagers are roaming the streets at night playing this virtual game creates an opportunity for these individuals to target the players.

It is not just the possibility of being robbed is the safety issues surrounding the game, teenagers in the pursuit of Pokemon was cut off by rising tide had to be rescued by a firefighter some were lost in caves.

From a parental point of view, I am extremely concern about this game. I am a great believer in democracy, but not when it put lives at risk and especially young one. I understand that this game is here and will stay, but the parent needs to warn their children of the potential risk so that they may the game but do so safely.