Why should Young Offender get Anonymity

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I am having a problem with the legal systems, why should young people who commit criminal activities given the privilege of having their scales of justiceidentity protected.

A 12-year boy commits an adult crime and because of his age he cannot be identified, and most likely he will be bailed back into the area that he has committed the crime, and the community has no right to know that within their environment is a person capable of having committed a heinous crime.

What is wrong with society why do we believe that criminals should be allowed more rights than victims.  I am under the impression that the victims of diabolical crimes are the ones who should be shielded, but instead it is the criminals that are.

Humanity has, in my opinion, gone bonkers, when they put the criminals over the victims.  It is the time that we even the playing field if these young people were named and shamed the chances are they might think twice before they commit a crime.  These individuals are aware of their protection, why should they care who gets hurt or the families they destroyed, and this needs to stop.

Once someone takes the responsibility of committing crimes associated with adults, then they must be treated as adults.  Adults do not get anonymity, so why should teenagers- ridiculous.