Police Hunt Sex Attacker Who Assaulted Young Woman

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There are things that you should do and things that one should not do when one decide to go out alone for a night out.  One of the things Sexual assaultyou should do is always know how you are going to get back home safely, and one you certainly should not do is accept a ride from a stranger. 

According to a media report, a 26-year-old young woman decided to go out alone and not to make the right arrangement to get back home she accepted a ride from a stranger. Instead of taking her home as promised he took her somewhere else where he sexually assaulted her before dropping her off at her apartment.

I am a mother of four, and there are two girls, and I hope that I have taught them how to protect themselves when they go out.  Although no one should be subject to assault, there are times when we are our worse enemy.  Why would you put yourself in a position of not knowing how you are getting home?  And why would you accept a ride from someone that you do not know?

There are no circumstances in which I would get into a car with someone; that I do not know.  There are many ways in which we can protect ourselves if we use a bit of commonsense.  You should carefully plan your night out, ensure that you book a taxi well in advance unless you arrange for someone to pick you up.  Do not leave things for the last minute as you might find yourself in difficult.  

Do not abuse alcohol in that you get drunk you cannot take care of yourself.  The onus is on us to make it difficult for individuals to commit crimes against us and if we just stop and think for a minute then that incident against the young woman would never have happened