“I Am No Quitter”, Strong Words From The Prime Minister

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I am no quitter, strong words from the UK Prime Minister, and I have no doubt that she actually believe it.

In my opinion, the Prime Minister needs to be reminded that the position that she is in now, there were at least two other conservative leaders and PM that were placed in similar circumstances. Notable Mrs Thatcher, she was tough but, that did not stop the party from getting rid of her, when they believe that she poses a threat to their constituency seats, and they did it whilst she was abroad.

The conservative party has to govern with the help of a minor party and with the Brexit negotiations not going according to plan, she needs to be very careful because when MP’s are concerned about their parliamentary seat and believe they may lose their seats in an election, the person who gets the blame is usually the Prime Minister.

I can appreciate that she thinks she is in for the long haul, but the question is does her party believes she should be there for the full term, given that it was her decision to call an early election that saw conservative MP’s losing their seats and the government ended up with a hung parliament.