Police officer dismissed for £200 shoplifting spree

Shoplifters I believe, come from all walk of life, and it does not matter who or what you maybe if you have a propensity to steal, even if you are a member of the police service, then that is what you are going to do.

A media article, states that West Midlands police dismissed a policewoman for gross misconduct. She stole £70 worth of moisturiser from Selfridges and £130 of cosmetics from Superdrug.

The laughable defence she has was that she was, stressed because of her job as a police officer and West Midlands police service did not give her any support. Poppycock, there are thousands of working people who are dealing with stressed and they are not going out shoplifting or stealing.

She had an opportunity to resign from her job but, she chooses to commit a crime and has the audacity to used being, stressed as a defence, and the caution she was
given for her criminal activities is a travesty to justice.

In my opinion, the fact that the officer was on duty when she shoplifts the items make me believe she knew, exactly what she was doing. If she is suggesting that she was put off work for four months because of stress, then why not resigned when she when back to work and realise the pressure was still evident, not steal other people’s property.