The Conservative candidate for Mayor of London needs a reality check

Who does Shaun Bailey think he his pandering to with the crap that comes out of his mouth about single mother?

If he believes that the ‘Black’ community agrees with him that we should not accept the single parent as the norm, then he needs a reality check sooner rather than later.

According to a media article, the 47-year old Conservative candidate for Mayor of London states that we should get away from the idea that it is acceptable to be a single mother. Firstly, the vast majority of mothers do not set out to become single parents. Unfortunately, it is something that not just happen within a low-income family but, many affluent people.

However, the vast majority of single parent does a fantastic job of raising their children to be a productive member of our society. We do recognise that some children from single-parent, like anything else in life, adopt a criminal and anti-social path.

For someone who wants to be elected Mayor of London, he as isolated, in my opinion, a large section of the community with his stupid suggestion. I cannot see him being, elected for the position of Mayor, after casting aspersions on parts of our community. No one in their right mind who wants to enter the political arena would make such a blunder, especially on people he wants to vote for him.

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