Police Officer shot Black Man in his own flat, thinking it was her apartment

Every day an item of news appears in the media that leaves a sane person wondering what is happening in our society.

I am trying to comprehend how a ‘White’ police officer can shoot a ‘Black’ man in his flat believing that it was her apartment, makes no sense whatsoever.

The first mistake would her key would not fit his front door lock, that would be clue number one. Secondly, if she rang the doorbell and he answered the door why would you shoot first and asked questions later. Thirdly, how could you not recognise your flat, especially you should know your front door number.

A 30-year old police officer should be observant in fact; they are, trained to do so, her excuse that she fatally wounded another human being a ‘Black’ man because she mistook his flat for hers is a load of bull.

In my opinion, her actions demonstrate that a ‘Black’ person in their apartment not breaking the law is still a target for trigger-happy police officers.

For the authority to charge her with manslaughter and let her out on bond is a travesty to justice. If the roll where reverse that ‘Black’ man would be locked up until his trial. So, for anyone to pretend that bias does not exist, and the ‘White’ community is given far too much advantage over the ‘Black’, and other minority communities are burying their head in the sand.