Hours after they met a man strangled the woman to death

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According to a media report a 41-year old man was found guilty of strangling a mother of two during sex hours after they met.

They met, as reported in the media, at 6.14am in Birmingham City Centre caught a cab back to the man’s flat where it is, stated that he strangled her. He then proceeded to left the body in the flat while he went on a shopping spree using her credit cards.

In my opinion, why would a mother of two think it was appropriate to meet someone at 6.14am and when back to his apartment for sex. As a society, we need to be vigilant about our safety and, she not to speak ill of the dead, she exercised poor judgement and placed herself in a compromising situation and lost her life.

Although, I am thankful that he was found guilty of murder and will most likely go to prison for life I am disappointed that no comment from the courts warning individuals that meeting a person and going back to their resident is an idiotic, stupid and unsafe position to place oneself.

As we see the result of such stupidity is two children growing up without their mother and later in life will learn the ghastly manner in which she loses her life.