How much controversy can Donald Trump Presidency withstand?


It would appear that controversy is the in thing with Donald Trump presidency. Mass demonstrations marred his visit to the United Kingdom.

One would have thought that back in the country that he is supposed to be the Commander and Chief the portrayal of the President makes him look like a child that has lost his favourite toy and his throwing a tantrum.

According to various media reports, there is a book called ‘Fear’ written by Bob Woodward and the contents is damaging for the President. It includes information that Trump aides purposely kept information from him to protect the country. However, the most worrisome problem for the President is that his office his seen as dysfunctional and the ‘White House’ ill-prepared.

Today (6 September 2018) the media carries a report that Donald Trump is anger because an unsigned opinion was published in the New York Times which states that senior Trump official claimed to be part of a group of people working from within to impede the President.

In a democracy, we have the right to dislike and criticise politicians. However, there has never been in my recollection, and I may be wrong, a presidency marred with so much controversy. When Barrack Obama was US president, Donald Trump took to Twitter and wrote ‘are you allowed to impeach a President for gross incompetence’.

Donald Trump should now be writing that statement about himself. Obama did two terms in office, and his credibility may not have been like by a few, but the majority of people around the world respect him. The Former President stated in an interview that his administration might be the only one, so far, in modern history that did not have any scandal in the White House.

In my opinion, if you sling mud long enough, some will stick. The road this President is on is very slippery indeed and if he’s not careful his erratic behaviour might cause the 25th Amendment to be, invoked.