Police slam for arresting allege rape victim on immigration charges

The Mayor of London has criticised Scotland Yard for their unacceptable treatment of an alleged rape victim, according to a media report.

It appears that a woman in her 20s and five months pregnant attended a police station to report that she was kidnapped and raped while in Germany. But instead of investigating her complaint she was arrested and interrogated about her immigration status.

I am in total agreement with the Mayor that the Metropolitan police behaviour is an unacceptable way to treat an alleged victim. The priority for the police was to investigate the allegations, irrespective of whether the individual is a legal or illegal immigrant, being kidnapped and raped should out-weigh any immigration concerns.

Irrespective of whether the police suspect someone as an illegal immigrant, they have an obligation and primary responsibility to treat victims of crimes with respect, regardless of their immigration status.

In my opinion, this may not be an isolated case, and it is frightening if individuals are scared to report either crime or being witness to a criminal offence if they believe their immigration status will be, called into question.