Theresa May’s response to Trump’s tweets

Having read the PM response to Donald Trumps ‘Britain First’ tweets, I am disappointed.

The so-called, unique relationship that everyone seems to believe exists between the US and UK when out the window the day Trump became President.

Mrs May, regardless of how you feel about her policies, or as a person, she is far better at dealing with public and heads of state, through diplomacy and tact. On the other hand, Trump is a President with no substance and no idea what is right or wrong a trait is citizens knew only too well.

The Prime Minister in her tactical response must bear in mind that more than two million British people are ready to take to the streets of the Capital to protest Donald Trump’s UK visit, that is how angry we are at this individual.

It is unbelievable that an individual that governs more than 323 million people has nothing better to do but take to Twitter and write crap.

In my opinion, Mrs May’s response was water-down. Her condemnation was not strong enough, tentative at best. We would have preferred stronger language, especially when Trump state that Theresa May should not focus on him but the Radical Islamic Terrorism taking place in the UK, and they, meaning the US, were, doing fine.

I am confused at what the US President called ‘doing fine’, does he means the two mass shootings that killed over 84 people and wounded almost 600, former campaign manager arrest, NFL players protesting at the number of Black deaths by police, or citizens of the US calling the President racist. If that is what he called being, fine, he his more delusional than I think.