Polish Man Killed, Six Teenagers Arrested

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A 40-year-old Polish factory worker was allegedly severely beaten and left for dead following an attack in Harrow, Essex. He was rushed to Hate crime word cloudthe hospital with serious head injuries but died.

According to a media report, six teenagers between the ages of 15 and 16, were arrested, following the incident and police are still undertaking further investigations.

How could this be, why are teenagers so violent, why are there such intolerance for other people, race, and culture?    For me, the most distressful aspects of this sordid affair are according to the media report this man did nothing to provoke these young people, all he did was speak in his native language, because of that he his now dead.

In my opinion, there ar many individuals who believe that racial crimes have sky-rocketed since the Brexit results.  Personally, there has been innate racism all over the UK, and now they are using Brexit as a way to justify they archaic, out-dated, caveman behaviour to others.

These idiots need to get it in their head that this is a multi-cultural society, and nothing and no one is going to change that.  The world is joint by trade, economy finance and immigration and there are going to be people from different countries settling in the UK, and if so-called citizens do not accept that fact, then we are in for race war that nobody wins.

Racism is a diabolical and outdated attitude and those that practice this vile behaviour must be aware that they cannot win.  Even, if racist could get rid of every minority group in the UK, that will not solve whatever problem they think they have with minorities.  They would most likely turn on each other because it is all about violence. – Idiotic dickheads