Sex With A Snake – Are you kidding me

My Opinion

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Come on, not a joking matter and if you are astonished as I am well you have every reason to be.  I have heard it all now, but this one caught me completely by surprise, and I just cannot get my head around it.Snake

Now, people according to a press report a 55-year-old Doctor is currently on trial at the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, commonly called the (Old Bailey). He his charged with five counts of possessing obscene material which is grossly offensive and disgusting.

Apparently, the images found on the Doctor’s mobile phone was a woman having intercourse with a dog, one woman with a horse and a man having sex with a snake, yes you read that right, your eyes are not deceiving you.

In my opinion, some very sick basket case individuals are on this planet. The most frightening thing for me is that this person is a Doctor who the press did not say what field he his in.  Regardless, I am assuming that he must see patients in whatever capacity of the medical industry he works in.

I wonder how his patients are going to respond when they found out that the person they trust with sensitive information about them could behave in this disgraceful way.

How can someone have sex with a snake, I cannot even begin to picture such a gross and ridiculous act.  It would appear that nothing is, whether it human or animals, sacred.