Politicians and their Statements about what the Public Need

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I am furious when politicians believe they know what I as a member of the electorate need.

It follows a comment made by the incoming Prime Minister Theresa May that there will not be an early general election.  According to the media, she flatly rejects calling an election.

I made a point in a previous post, that if she is hell-bent on carrying out her duties under the mandate given to David Cameron, then for me I cannot take anything that she said or do as been serious.  I do not know whose policies that will come across because Mr. Cameron is no longer Prime Minister.

To top it off there are those that are saying we only have an election just over a year and the recent Brexit referendum and the public are tired of the election.  Well, who made politicians judge jury and executioner into what I want.

The vast majority of the electorate would welcome a general election immediately, and they would most probably like another referendum. However, the referendum is not legally binding and therefore it does not matter they, can go ahead with the result of Brexit.

I do not believe that the world will take Theresa May seriously, she certainly is no Margaret Thatcher.  At least with Mrs. Thatcher, you knew what you were getting, and she was given a mandate by the country to govern and whether you agree or disagree with the positions that she took, I respected her, and she was formidable in her resolve.

Unfortunately, I would find this tough to put Theresa May in that category.  I do not know what she stands for, I am aware of the Conservative party policy, but not of hers when she suggests that her leadership will be a different kind of Conservatism, what is she talking about.

In my opinion, I believe that she may not, as she hopes to lead the party until 2020, the conservative is notorious in the way they treat their leader.  One never forgets how Margaret Thatcher was housed as leader of the party.

Get your mandate let the country give you that and the only way this can happen is by a general election.  Do not rule out the possibility, we do not know yet how big the effects of leaving the EU is going to be, the majority of voters believe it bad now and worse when we eventually exit.

There is nothing wrong been open-minded or keeping one option open; you never know when you may have to call on it.