Scams & Scammers–Together we can beat them

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My opinions ranting for today is about scams and scammers.

I get infuriated with these individuals that spend their time scheming and plotting ways of fleecing unsuspecting individual out of their money.

For example, these so-called congratulation emails that inform you that you are a winner of something or another.  They encourage you to click on some link with take you to another link, and it goes on until the penny drop, they are trying to get you to either buy a product or send them money to claim the so-called prize.

To be honest, I always delete these e-mail rather than click on anything, but I know that there are individuals that are tempted when they see the word prize and sometimes they cannot help themselves and by clicking into these scams they end up in a world of trouble.

In my opinion human being have within us that I call the selfish gene and because we do there is a tendency to go after money when we believe that an opportunity presents itself.  But if you just stop and think for a while the majority of us could never be scammed.

The individuals that established these scams play on our greed they spend their time ensuring that they can present us with ways that make us believe these offers are so good, but the saying that “if it sounds too good to be true then most likely it is.”

Poverty is one of human being’s greatest failure, and there is no way with a number of resources that are on this planet we should have so many people living on the breadline, struggling to make ends meet.  It is easy to understand that when someone sends information that they are a winner, in particular, these overseas lotteries, some jump to the chance to collect.

But, people stop and think if you never purchase lottery tickets in Spain how are you going to be a winner.  In the UK if I do not buy lotto tickets I do not even look at the results, so it is unlikely that I am going to purchase lotto tickets in any foreign country without checking the results.  I would therefore not need anyone to inform that I win and then ask me for money so that they can claim my winnings for me.

It is the time that we become proactive against these individuals are ruining unsuspecting people’s life.  We need to beat them at their own game.

People use your delete button and do not let them suck you into their scams, and we may be poor, but we can show these people that they cannot take what little we possess.