Politicians Mud Slinging is Counterproductive

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I do not know if it annoys anyone else, but I find that politician that mud sling is rather juvenile and counterproductive.  One should be Regret wrong doingable to put across their point of views without resorting to personal attacks on each other or their respective party.

There are plenty issues to discuss in a positive manner, and I do not trust or respect any politicians that resort to negative attacks aginst each other.  I believe it demeans the political process and compromises their integrity.

According to a media report, Hillary Clinton suggested that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are deplorable, in that they are sexist, racist, Islamaphobic and xenophobic.  It is a possibility that this may well be the case but, a politician of her calibre should never allow herself to go to the levels that other politicians stoop to.

I am disappointed in her comments and believe she may have isolated a large number of Americans, and that cannot be healthy for her campaign.  In my opinion, she should stick to the facts, her record, and the Democrat party achievements and not make her run for the Whitehouse personality issues.

The United States, as one of the biggest democracy in the world, needs strong and efficient leadership.  One that can unite parts of the planets that are embroiled in war and to do so we need a leader with dignity, confident vision and one who will be, respected throughout the globe.