Man bludgeoned 16-month old baby to death with a claw hammer


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I cannot wrap my head around the fact that an adult can harm a child much more bludgeoned a 16-month old with a claw hammer.

One shiver to think how horrific such an onslaught on a child could be, and to do so when the mother of the child was in the bathroom of the home is pure evil.

According to a media report, the 33-year-old man admits to killing his son and the attempted murder of a girl that survives multiple skull fracture. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The media report, also states that the 33-year old man said he told his girlfriend when found out she was pregnant that he did not want children because he was not a healthy person. The report seems to substantiate this; he was categorised as paranoid, believing his girlfriend was seeing other men while he was at work.

In hindsight had she left him when he told her he did not want children, maybe a 16-month old baby would still be alive. Personally, from reading the article, there were more than enough warning that something was wrong with that man and she knew. We will never understand why she stayed and in doing so a young life was, lost. Saying now that she did not want to see the face of her child’s father, is a little late.