Praying for the world and humanity


Eternal Father and everlasting creator of all humanity, I come to you today on bending knees asking for your grace and mercy.

Today Lord the world is in crisis, our leaders are hopeless, our children are suffering, and your people are locked in the grip of evil that is causing them to turn on each other in very destructive ways.

Father, I know that you can reach into the heart of humankind and instil peace, kindness, compassion and love and today I am asking you to stretch forth your amazing arms and enclose this world into your everlasting and capable, loving arms.

Heavenly Father, the adversary has taken over your children, and he’s destroying their minds, body and soul, we need your Divine intervention if we are going to have any hope of achieving some stability of love within our communities.

Father, I am asking you today to stop those who decide to take up the knives against one another, prevent these young people from throwing away their lives by killing each other, go before these young people Lord and take away evil from their hearts. The devil has inflicted jealousy and evil upon them, father, we need you now more than ever, and I know that you will answer our prayer when we come before you and humble ourselves.

Today Lord I am asking you to protect those of your children in dire straights, provide food for the hungry, finance for those in debts, housing for the homeless, health for the sick and those who you are calling back home may their journey to you be peaceful and loving.

Father, changed the minds of Governments around the world put dignity and decency into their hearts and let them be helped rather than a hindrance to humankind. I put us all in your amazing hands today and always.