Praying for God’s mercies, grace, protection and intervention


Heavenly Father, I come to you on this the first day of the month. Lord, I am asking you to cover us with your mercies, grace, protection and intervene in every aspect of our lives that needs you.

Eternal Father, I know that you do things in your time, and we thank you for all that we already possess. Lord, sometimes we need a little bit more help in our lives. Make haste to listen to our pleas, harken unto our voices relieve us of the shackles and burden that is upon us daily.

Lord, I call upon you to soften the hearts of your children. Let those who have been, blessed with plenty be generous to those in need. Lord Jesus, let them find ways to not only be their brother’s keeper but open their minds to give freely and willingly.

I pray for governments, principalities, council and the judicial system that they will deal fairly to all of your children. Break down the barrier that the Devil has put in the path. Bring your children into the light and let them see the beauty of your grace.

Lord I have cast aside the Devil, I have rebuked him in your holy name, and I have opened the way through my prayers for need, protection, humanity, kindness and love to shine through.

Father, bless us today keep us safe cover us under your blood and, may our day be, enriched with your holy name. Jesus let us walk a righteous path love our fellow man, be kind and give generously to those in need.

Mighty God, we are asking you to intervene into our relationships and fix anything that has been, broken. Jesus, please put love and forgiveness into broken relationships so that they can go from strength to strength, in the precious name of our Lord and Master. Amen