11 illegal immigrants cut free from a lorry

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As reported by media sources, eleven illegal immigrants including six children were cut free from a lorry on the A303 near Warminster, Wiltshire.

Apparently, the lorry came from mainland Europe stopped in a lay-by cafe when banging was heard coming from the back of the vehicles. The cafe owner called the police when he realises the driver could not open the lorry as the lock was, superglued.

Police and the fire brigade arrived on the scene and firefighter used a unique tool to cut the lock and freed the trapped immigrants. A further report suggests they survive by eating Belgian chocolate, and where lucky that although the lorry was refrigerated the section they and the chocolate were in had normal temperature.

Citizens across Europe dislike the idea of illegal immigrants running amok in their countries, and those entering the UK is seen as a drain on our already stretch welfare and health systems.

In my opinion, we need to understand why would anyone risk their life and that of their children to come to any European country. I have to believe that these people are not only economic migrants. Before we send these Iraqi and Afghan illegals back to their country of origin, we need to determine whether they are economical, or persecuted migrants, we owe them that much.