Evil has broken our planet and fixing it will take Divine intervention

Anyone who is looking at our planet will be, left in no doubt that the Earth is, broken by the severity of evil which is currently plaguing our environment.

Some of the evil that exists around us is so devastating that one as to ask the question are these individual human beings?

Recently six men were jailed for a total of 101 years having found guilty of sexually abusing girls as young as 13-years old. These were not isolated incidents the men systematically for years sexually assaulted these girls passing around from one abuser to another as if they were nothing. They not only destroyed their bodies but the very essence of who they are and we wonder how they can get over the trauma inflicted on them by these evil people.

In the media, there was a report of a 20-year old man raping an 18-year old girl as she lay dying from a drug overdose, and then decided to bragged to his friends about the evil deed he had done.

On the other hand, we have so-called World leaders who should be the effective driving force in ensuring we have a loving, decent and cohesive society; they are acting like children who had their candy taken away.

In the United Kingdom, there is a transformation occurring in respect of the Brexit debacle that will see the UK damage for future generation and the people who should know better continues to drag us down the destructive path because they will not be around to witness the chaos they created.

In my opinion, the crisis that we are undergoing on this planet can no longer be, resolved by human beings. We lost the ability to do good when we become so evil that we are not only destroying our planet for greed we are slaughtering our children both physically and mentally.

We need Divine intervention put this world back in the way it should be. Root out the evil that is within human hearts, take away the greed that exists in us, destroy the ability for evil and allow us to see each other as human beings, protect our children and our communities and live in peace with each other irrespective of whether we are Black or White.