The greatest nation on planet Earth is the laughing stock of the world


I have to stop and seriously think about the United States and the dilemma that it is experiencing under it’s current President.

Since the election of Donald Trump as the US President, in my opinion, the US has lost it standing on the world stage, and for all its military might it is instead a laughing stock.

According to a media report, Donald Trump apparently told a member of staff that he ‘hates everyone in the White House’. Following in from that his rant with an influential Republican where he has been called a man-child who could set the US on the path to world war three. To add insult to injury singer and rapper Eminem says the President is only fantastic, for his racism.

In my opinion, the President of the United States should be firm, dignified, intelligent and have the ability to lead effectively. He should not be a crybaby, throw a tantrum when he does not get his way. Unfortunately, that is who the American people voted for to be their Commander and Chief.

Presiding over a country where a significant number of citizens see you as a puppet-show, the world views you as a mockery of democracy, must have the founding fathers turning over in their graves.

It belittles the administration when the Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee states, according to a media report, the White House has become an adult day care centre and someone obviously, missed their shift.