Radio Host Should Be Careful with what they say

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Following the media report that a young UK born Muslim girl who left the UK last year with two friends to join the jihadist group in Syria has muslim, woman, desertdied in an airstrike.

That in itself is sombre but what I am more appalled about is LBC Nick Ferrari rant on the radio commenting that the death of this young girl makes one less jihadist bride.  In my opinion, that is a very ignorant and uncalled for comment by someone who is suppose to be a responsible person.

Those are the kind of observations that fueled racism and racist behaviour and irrespective of what this young girl did, and I believe that she most probably brainwashed into believing she was doing the right thing as are many young people who Islamic militants seem to have the ability to convince to do their dirty work. 

We have an obligation as human beings to re-programme these young people in making them understand that the path they are encouraged to take against humanity is wrong.  

What we should not be able to do even in a democracy is vent our frustration in a negative manner, and as far as I am concerned this is exactly what Nick Ferrari did, and I will be very surprised if the LBC did not discipline him for that outrageous comment.

People in a position of authority where they have the ability to influence thousands of people must care about what come out of their mouth, of course, we have personal views and opinion, they should never be made into the public arena where they have an effect on others.