$175,000 paid to sacked police officer who refuses to shoot a black man

police officer

According to a media article, a 27-year old former police officer who was, sacked because he refused to shoot a ‘Black’ man was paid $175,000 in compensation.

The article states that the officer was, called to the scene of domestic violence. He was, confronted with a suspect carrying a gun, but he chooses to try and talk the man down. However, two other officers arrived on the scene, and when the suspect apparently pointed the gun, he was shot four times by one of the newly-arrived police officers.

It then came to light that the 27-year old police officer who chose not to shoot another human being was, sacked because City Officials believe he froze at the scene.

The police officer they claimed ‘froze’ had military training and it was, stated he was using his military training to calm the suspect down. It also came out that the man gun was, not loaded.

In my opinion, sacking the officer leads me to believe that these so-called City officials have no regard for human life. The fact that a trained police officer deemed that it was not necessary to use deadly force, and he was proven right, was a cause for dismissal is, a disgraceful act, against a decent human being.

The city of Weirton, West Virginia should have been made to pay twice the amount of compensation he was, granted. Every life is precious and, the choice to end someone’s life should not be, taken lightly.