Why Doubt the Existence of Jesus


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As far as I know Jesus did exist, and I believe everything that the King James version of the Bible states about the ‘Son of God.’  There is no christ redeemerdoubt that there are individuals who question the validity of Christ, and they are entitled to their opinion.

There are millions of Christians all over the world that believe in Jesus and not just as someone who walked the Earth but that he was the Son of God.  Maybe we are wrong or right, but it cannot be dismissed.

There is a media report that suggests that Jesus did exist new evidence shows, but as to his role on Earth there are still debating that fact. However, as Christians we believe the biblical recordings about Jesus Christ, we do believe that he was crucified for the sins of man and in doing so allow us to have redemption. We believe his death afford us the ability to repent our sins and live in the manner in which God ordained us to do.

I have no problem with people who have strong belief in their faith, whether it is Christian, Islam, Jews, Buddhist, it does not matter, the important aspect of all of the religious beliefs is the fact that they preach love for each other and being our brother’s keeper.  Even if one believe that Jesus was a messenger and was not divine the message he gave us if followed in my opinion, we will have a better world than we have today