Record Levels of Drugs Related Death – England and Wales

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I do not believe that many people will be surprised to learn that drugs related deaths have reached records levels in both England and Drugs CrimeWales.  The message, in my opinion, have not gotten to those taking illegal drugs.

According to a media report, there have been 3,074 drugs related deaths from both legal and illicit substances, in 2015, of which 2,479, were recorded as illegal drugs.

The article further suggests that the fatalities involved the use of cocaine and heroin, and Blackpool has the highest rates of deaths related to drugs.

It is alarming, especially when there is a suggestion, older people or using heroin and in some cases, they already have other health issues.

I cannot see what any organisation especially health, police, and social service can do to put the message clearer; drugs kill and our communities are suffering from the untimely deaths of not just young people but older ones.

If we are every going to prevent drug-related deaths we have to get to the root of the social and economic problem which, is driving individuals to start taking illegal drugs.

It is heart-rending to lose your loved ones to drugs, and there are those who will say they just do drugs for recreational reasons, but drugs such as cocaine and heroin are extremely addictive, and most individuals that get hooked on them find it tough to wean themselves off.

Maybe, I am deluding myself to think that there is anything we can humanly do to get the message across that drugs kills, but I hope that these statistics will be a wake-up call for drug users and potential users.