New research says alcohol causes cancer by scrambling DNA in our cells

My Opinion

Quite frankly, I have no idea as to how many research has been, undertaken regarding the human anatomy including the food and beverage we tend to consume.

However, the latest new research suggests, according to a media article, that alcohol causes cancer by scrambling DNA in our cells.

Apparently, this new research is suggesting that wine, spirit and beer can do irreversible damage to our bodies reserve of stem cells, which then leads to deadly mutation of their DNA.

In my opinion, I would not, entirely disregard this new research; I do believe that science has made some breakthroughs, in medicine based on research, which has proved beneficial to human beings.

Sometimes, however, one feels like they cannot consume anything because it could be detrimental to one’s health. But, the vast majority of us knows smoking is no good for us, yet some individuals smoked all their life and never developed any form of cancer. Equally, some individuals never had a cigarette in their life yet get cancer.

No doubt this research on the effect of alcohol consumption on our bodies could prove useful. I still believe our bodies react differently. Alcoholism has done severe damage to thousands of people, equally thousand consume alcohol without any adverse effects.

It is, however, beneficial for us to be aware of these research, at the least it will allow us to make informed decisions regarding our lives.