Why Fuss over Rise in Minimum Wage

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Every day that passes and the things that humanity does leave me with a bitter taste in the mouth and I believe the human race fail Capitalismmiserable.

There is an article in the news that suggest that businesses are asking the Conservative party to drop their proposal of £9.00 minimum wage that would take effect in 2020.  This minimum wage would be helpful to a large number of people, and although nine pounds is not much in this economic climate, it is still a step in the right direction.

Poverty is one of the problems that hundreds of people face in the UK and irrespective of the fact that we are supposed to be a G7 country very rich, the riches is only limited to few.  I cannot understand how businesses are against the nine pounds minimum wage.

How can there be any justification in the UK biggest bosses are achieving 10% pay rise taking some of their salaries to £5 million.  The inequality is so blatant it is sickening.  I am not suggesting that a Chief Executive does not deserve decent pay for the job they do, but how can anyone justify most workers struggling to make ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck and see their bosses enjoying the kind of wage increase they get – fuss about nine pounds diabolical.

I dislike the concept of capitalism because of the unfairness is possess and what the practitioners of capitalism do to the majority of people.