Refused £9.99 Meal Deal For Being Single Mother

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Are you kidding me, what this must be some joke this could not be happening in the 21st century, come on let me check this again.woman children single

Well according to the media report a single mother took her children to Cineworld to see the BFG. She attempts to purchase an advertised £9.99 meal deal, was informed she could not have the meal because one parent was missing. – disgraceful and stupid.

So what are these fast food outlet trying to tell us that single mothers do not have rights to purchase meal deal for their children, and they are not important because of their status?

What gives those idiotic that right. I am furious, and it did not happen to me, but being a single parent, I raised four children, and none of them is a menace to society. There are millions of single parent over the world; that should not have to tolerate being penalised in this way not by anyone much more a fast food place.

Here is a single mother with two children told that she was not a family because she did not have another adult with her, so if she and her children are not a family what are they, aliens?

Single parents need to understand that you cannot allow small minded people to discriminate against you or make you feel unacceptable, you are a family unit no matter what society perceptions is.  We accept same-sex marriage, same-sex couple adoption of children and now they have the gall to disrespect single parents.

I can understand that because of this incident it cost her much more than she may have thought, but the extra money is not the issue it is the blatant disregard for the feelings of another human being, and that is unforgivable.