Slum Landlord – Diabolical Individuals

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Poverty is one of the reasons why ‘slum landlords are getting away with cramming people into small dilapidated housing and making a huge peopleprofit from others misery.

As reported in the media council enforcement officers found twenty-six inhabitants living in a ‘poor’ three bedroom property in unacceptable conditions, belonging to the Victorian century was one word that describes how squalid this property was.

These inhumane landlord should be forced by law to live in the filthy conditions they are expecting tenants to occupy.  Let them come out of their large housing and live the same, with their families in cramped, tiny, dilapidated, house.

The further report states that one landlord converted a terrace house into nine flats, collecting over £100,000 per year in rent. Following a raid from the council, he was ordered to pay £20,000 to knock the flat through into three reasonable size dwelling.  

What kind of punishment is that he has already creamed off over £100, 000, so paying a measly twenty thousand is just a drop in the bucket.

I cannot stand people who thrive on the misery and misfortune of others.  They make me sick to the stomach why would anyone want to treat another human being like that all for the sake of a few pounds. 

As people, we have this get a quick wealthy attitude that has dogged the twentieth century, it is appalling and dampened my faith in humanity.