Come on US Trump – What a Liability

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Come on America; I am sure you guys have more guts than this it is evident that Donald Trump is a liability and should be forced to withdrawinsincere politician cartoon from the Presidential race.

I am a firm believer in democracy, and I believe that one should be able to put their point across without fear of anyone, but what freedom should not be used to do is instigate violence against an individual.  The comment made by Donal Trump is unacceptable to any person who believe in democracy.

To be blaming the news and the media in a whole for spinning the comment out of context is ridiculous.  First and foremost if you aspire to hold one of the most powerful offices on the planet, then you have an obligation to be tactful, decent and be able to debate your political position without using gutter politics.

It goes to show the difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, regarding their political attitude and behaviour Mrs. Clinton out-shined Trump in every way shape or form.

A politician should know when they have gone too far in their comments, and it is evident when members of your party are telling you that your comments are a bad joke.  It was more than a joke it is in my opinion and incitement and as such who would want someone like Donald Trump as President.