Religious Persecution under Guise of Terrorism

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Firstly, we are not burying our heads in the sand; terrorism exists 9/11 America, and 7/7 Britain are a grim reminder of the capability of the christ redeemerterrorist as groups or individual.

There is no doubt that laws and legislations are paramount to legitimately fight the perpetrators that bring terror to our communities and against our citizens. However, the fight against terrorism should not infringe on the fundament rights of individuals; if they do, then the terrorist has won the war.

Alarm bells rang out loud when I read an article in the media that states that Russia passed a law that is supposed to combat terrorism, but in fact, one of the by-products of that law is it makes religious activities in private homes illegal.

In my opinion, any law that restricts religious beliefs is dangerous and set a bad precedence. I cannot believe that the Russian are so scared that thy allowed themselves to push back into the dark ages.  The kind of law that Russia passed and the connotations surrounding it makes the terrorist rejoice they can claim victory over that nation. 

I do not believe it is right for any country to suppress its people, and I firmly believe that terrorism has given a blueprint for a particular government to use the laws that are designed to combat terrorism against the very people they said need protection.