It is Political Propaganda – Rubbish

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Sometimes I am amazed at the level that some people will stoop just to get their names in the news or have people talking about them.insincere politician cartoon

The current report that Barrack Obama half brother is backing Donald Trump bid for the White House leaves me nauseated.  It goes to show that some relative believe that they are entitled to special treatment and when they do not receive it they switch allegiance.  

To allege that he switched support from the Democrats, because he did not receive help from his half brother and that the party supports same-sex marriage. Firstly, we live in a democracy and if the party chose to support same-sex marriage who his he to judge.  The Bible – Mathew 7 verse 1 and two states 1“ Judge not, that you be not judged”. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Now what part of that did he not understand.

In my opinion, people who switch side because they do not get what they want are an opportunist and have no loyalty to anything or anyone they will jump to any side, very untrustworthy.

Donald Trump, he’s another one could not wait to jump on what Barrack half brother says, he will no doubt use it as political propaganda, in his bid for the White House, and those kinds of politician I do not trust. I was astonished when Donald Trump was nominated to run for president but was not shock at how quickly he pounced on the comment from Barrack’s half brother.  A politician who cannot win the hearts and mind of the electorate with a valid mandate without stooping to propaganda and innuendo is not the kind that I want to see in a position to have their hands on nuclear bombs.